The Wild Fork is pleased to offer a diverse and tantalizing menu, as well as a customized menu to meet your needs. If you have something special in mind, give us a call – we’d love to work with you on it!


Create your own menu from items listed. Includes juice, milk & coffee. 9.99/person
scrambled eggs
breakfast burrito
breakfast croissants
biscuits and gravy
cinnamon rolls
pastry selection
various seasonal fruit


stuffed mushrooms (choose stuffing below) 12.99/doz
italian sausage & spinach
italian veggie
beef and veggie teriyaki kabobs 2.99/each
chicken an pineapple ginger kabobs 2.99/each
large shrimp market price
smoked salmon plate market price
beggars pouches 125.00/100 pieces
spanakopita 125.00/100 pieces
mini beef wellington 74.50/50 pieces
beef or pork tenderloin with horseradish or 74.50/50 pieces
mustard sauce
assorted petite quiché 85.00/100 pieces
assorted canapés 125.00/100 pieces
bacon wrapped scallops 125.00/100 pieces
bacon wrapped dates 75.00/100 pieces
bacon wrapped artichoke hearts 14.95/doz
chicken quesadillas 95.00/100 pieces
black bean salsa 16.99/quart
black bean salsa with chips 22.99/quart
queso with tortilla chips or pita 34.99/serves 20-30
bacon wrapped dates 62.50/100 pieces
blue cheese pecan grapes 62.50/50 pieces
cream cheese stuffed dates 62.50/50 pieces
stuffed cherry tomatoes 10.20/doz
swedish or bbq cocktail meatballs (3) 1.25/person
bbq or hot wings with ranch or blue cheese 10.99/doz
little smokies (3) 1.25/person
deviled eggs, sweet or dilled 10.20/doz
dollar rolls
filled with ham, roast beef, or turkey 1.25/each
and leaf lettuce and condiments
texas turkey wraps 1.25/each
garlic herb roast beef wrap 1.25/each
trays 2.99/person
fruit tray
kabobs on a pineapple
cheese with cocktail crackers
garden fresh vegetables
deli fresh cold cuts
dips 16.99/serves 20
specialty cold dips
roasted red bell pepper
cucumber dip
fruit dip
spinach artichoke dip (warm) 45.00/serves 20-30
with bread, crackers or pita
shrimp artichoke dip (served warm) 60.00/serves 20-30
with bread, crackers or pita
bruschetta with cocktail crackers, 34.99/serves 25-30
tortilla chips or pita


Most entrées include your choice of a vegetable and starch, salad and dressings, Polish bread or Black Bean Salsa with tortilla chips, tea, ice and water.


seasoned chicken with roasted veggies and rotini 10.99
italian baked chicken with vegetables 10.99
and basil cream pasta
tropical chicken salad with croissants 10.99
grilled chicken salad bar 10.99
chicken tetrazini 10.99
fettuccini alfredo 10.99
breaded or baked chicken breast 10.99
chicken chaloopas 10.99
chicken, bacon and black bean enchiladas 10.99
chicken kabobs with pineapple or veggies 11.99
chicken parmesan 10.99
parmesan baked chicken 10.99
southern fried chicken 10.99
montery chicken stuffed with bacon 10.99
and monterey jack cheese
spinach and feta cheese stuffed chicken 10.99
ham & provolone stuffed chicken 10.99


hamburger bar (with condiments) 10.99
meatloaf 10.99
chicken fried steak 10.99
roasted beef wraps 9.99
beef stroganoff 10.99
grilled stuffed burritos 10.99
pot roast 10.99
smoked brisket 10.99
steak & veggie kabobs 11.99
steak and chicken fajita bar 10.99
ribeye or filet (8oz) market
beef wellington market
prime rib market
taco bar 10.99
mexican lasagna 10.99
Italian sausage or veggie lasagna 10.99


pork tenderloin 11.99
peach glazed ham 11.99


turkey dinner 11.99
holiday style turkey or ham with 14.99
additional sides
turkey wraps 9.99


breaded peppered tilapia 11.99
broiled lemon peppered tilapia 11.99
parmesan tilapia 11.99
large shrimp tray with cocktail sauce market price

side dishes (included with entrée selection)

starches veggies
baby yukon potatoes coleslaw
dill weed potato salad creamed corn
baked potatoes green beans
mustard potato salad sweet corn
baked beans steamed broccoli
rice pilaf traditional corn
mashed potatoes steamed veggies tossed in a garlic herb butter
refried beans corn with bell peppers
cheesy potato casserole roasted sweet potato chunks w/ a maple sauce
green chili rice flame roasted vegetables w/ garlic & herb rotini
roasted rosemary new potatoes
twice baked potato
(additional $1 per potato)


2.99/per serving
cream of mushroom
cheddar broccoli
tomato basil
tomato bisque
veggie beef barley
twice baked potato
traditional chili
white bean chicken chili
handmade egg noodle beef or chicken


chocolate covered strawberries 2.25/ each
smothered in milk & white chocolate
triple layer chocolate cake 2.99/serving
strawberry preserve cake 2.99/serving
lemon cream cake 2.99/serving
apple spice cake 2.99/serving
assorted cobblers with whipped topping 1.99/serving
german chocolate cake 2.99/serving
fudge brownies 2.99/serving
mississippi mud 2.99/serving

additional information

Please feel free to call us with any questions or to schedule a tasting.


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